2020/12/09 - 3.3.3

  • Reduces logging noise and makes some log messages more descriptive.

2020/11/12 - 3.3.2

  • Fixes memory leak.

  • Added support for the hook_mode configuration setting to prevent conflcts with other libraries. Learn more on our configuration settings. You can also read a full breakdown of the issue it solves on our engineering blog.

2020/10/13 - 3.3.1

  • Fixes a bug dealing with stream/IO object bodies.

2020/09/14 - 3.3.0

  • Change handling of default environments.

2020/08/28 - 3.2.3

  • Internal improvements to enable better debugging.

2020/08/03 - 3.2.2

  • Fixes the handling of form bodies.

  • Improves regex performance.

2020/07/20 - 3.2.1

Fixes a bug related to the handling of gzipped bodies.

2020/07/01 - 3.2.0

  • Improved handling of configurations.

  • Prepares agent for additional filter types.

2020/06/15 - 3.1.3

Improved log reporting when using the agent with the ethon gem.

2020/05/27 - 3.1.2

The agent will no longer display errors in instances where debug messages are preferred.

2020/05/25 - 3.1.1

Fixes and updated messaging for using the Bearer Agent alongside the Airbrake gem.

2020/04/27 - 3.1

  • New features:

    • Add support for timeout remediation for Ethon, Excon, HTTP, HTTPClient and Patron (only Net::HTTP was previously supported).

    • Adds support for reporting agent’s hostname to Bearer for Fleet Control. Fleet control can be access from the Settings tab in the dashboard.

  • Fixes:

    • Remediations: blocked requests are now reported.

    • The agent no longer fetches its configuration when it’s disabled.

    • Add requirement for base64 library.

2020/4/9 - Agent 3.0

  • Agent 3.0 released. New features include:

    • New API discovery flow.

    • API logging now configured remotely in the Dashboard.

    • Updated sensitive data stripping configuration.

    • Environments are now automatically detected for each application based on the environment name set by RUBY_ENV, RAILS_ENV, RACK_ENV, or APP_ENV.

  • Application Specific Keys: Each application you set up in the Bearer Dashboard now has its own secret key. For more details on how to use the application switcher, read more.

  • Automatic Environment detection: Environments now pull their names from your application's configuration. See our the new configuration settings for details.

For more details on upgrading to v3.X of the agent, see our migration guide.