Migration Guides

Upgrading to 3.X

The 3.X version of the Bearer Agent brings changes to the configuration of some settings, as well as environment detection.

Settings moved to the dashboard

In the change from 2.X to 3.X, we have removed the following configuration settings and moved them into the dashboard.

  • logLevel: Can now be toggled for each API. Visit the configuration page for the desired API to change the log level.

  • ignored: APIs can now be activated and deactivated from the APIs panel in the dashboard.

A single secret key per application

Bearer no longer uses individual keys for each environment. Instead, each application has a unique secret key. We suggest switching over to the new key that is shown in your dashboard.

Environment Names

You are no longer limited to three default environment types. To use the new environment detection features of Bearer, you need to:

  • Use the new application-specific secret key found in the Bearer Dashboard.

  • Set an environment name via ENV variables or the config.environment setting when initializing the Bearer Agent.

Do not configure an environment name before switching your application to the application specific secret key.